Newsletter – October 2020

It has been fantastic to welcome back many familiar, and lots of new, little faces to Preschool this term. Our  main priorities this term have been for settling children in well following lockdown, focussing on their  emotional needs and building up their confidence. They have all been doing so well and have adapted  brilliantly to the environment and all our routines.  

Some highlights have been learning a different traditional nursery rhyme each week such as This Little Piggy,  learning numbers to 5 and Hey Diddle Diddle. We’ve had some lovely craft activities related to stories we’ve  been reading, such as the Three Little Pigs with some fantastic collages and rockets were made from a  cardboard box like in the story Whatever Next. This last week of term has been great fun with staff and  children dressing up for Halloween fundraising for Preschool and we’ve had some lovely generous donations  from parents. 

Despite current restrictions meaning parents are wearing masks and saying goodbye at the gate, rather than  being able to come and immerse themselves with what we’ve been up to, the Preschool continues to be a thriving, happy place. Staff are always happy to answer questions or tell you about what adventures the  children have been up to during their days.  

Our first ‘virtual’ AGM took place a few weeks ago after being delayed from June as we hoped we’d be able to  meet by now in person. As such, we’re particularly grateful to last year’s fantastic committee for having stayed  on in their roles for an extra few months. We’ve now elected a lovely new committee:  Jen Patterson – Chair 

Bex Curtis – Secretary 

Alicea Francis – Treasurer, Publicity 

Sam Jenkins – Vice Chair 

Tash Hartland – Purchasing 

Josie Bentley – Billing 

Kate Hobbs – Newsletter 

Holly Eggleton, Lizzie Kitchin, Emily Mathison – Fundraising 

Please do let Lin, Kate or someone on the committee know if you’re still interested in getting involved with the  committee or helping out with any fundraising as we’d love to hear from you. 

There is plenty of fun planned for next term to help everyone get into the festive spirit in the run up to  Christmas which will all help with raising funds for the Preschool. One easy way if you do any shopping online  is to register free of charge for Amazon Smile or Easy Fundraising, and select Bishop Sutton Preschool as the  benefitting charity. We will be holding a Christmas raffle with lots of great prizes up for grabs. You will also be  able to order your Christmas trees via Preschool to be delivered directly to your home. Finally, there will be  the chance to get printed and framed photos of your littles ones and we hope to produce our very own  Preschool Christmas cards this year! 

It’s difficult for everyone that we continue to live with the uncertainties of the COVID situation and we’re  thinking of you all, particularly trying to put a brave face on things in these strange times for your little ones.  We feel very lucky that our kids are able to be part of such a special little community in the Preschool during  this time.  

As the nights draw in and the days become colder, we hope you get the chance to embrace some autumnal  fun with your families. Perhaps a walk just to hear the crunch in the orange leaves, go searching for some shiny  conkers or on wet days splash in puddles, bob for apples or carve a pumpkin! 

Have a lovely half term break,  

With warmest wishes, 

Bishop Sutton Pre-School and Forest Club Committee  

Term dates:  

Term 2: Tues 3rd Nov – Thurs 17th Dec 2020 

Term 3: Tues 5th Jan – Fri 12th Feb 2021 

Term 4: Mon 22nd Feb – Wednesday 31st March 2021 

Term 5: Mon 19th April – Fri 28th May 2021 

Term 6: Monday 7th June – Tues 20th July 2021 

Notable dates: 

Good Friday 2nd April, Easter Monday 5th April, Bank Hol 3rd May Staff Inset Days: 2nd Sept, 2nd Nov, 4th Jan, 1st April, 22nd Jul ‘Moving Up’ Day Thurs 1st July 2021 – No Forest Club 

Pre-School and Forest Club Trip Date – Tuesday 18th May 2021 Parents Evening Tuesday – 18th May 2021 

Christmas Party for all children – Friday 18th December 2020 Party for our ‘Leavers’ – Wed 21st July 2021

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