11 January : Active Story Making Inspires Children

Christmas brought Nativity time to many schools, but Bishop Sutton Pre-School had a novel way to inspire all it’s children, even the very youngest, to become story tellers for it’s performance of ‘The Grumpy Innkeeper’ with the use of Active Story Making techniques.

‘Active Story Making is a creative way of learning and remembering stories perfect for young children, as it build’s confidence and helps improve their speaking and mark making skills in an enjoyable and engaging way,’ says manager Lin Oakley. ‘Stories are told with actions and story maps that are fun and help the children memorise new words and recognise patterns within the story.’

‘Our story maps are drawn in front of the children on a large sheet of paper as they tell the story together, which inspires them to go on to draw their own story maps and pictures,’ adds manager, Julie Read.

The whole Pre-School team also integrate the Active Story into their whole programme of play around the schoolroom and outdoor area, with activities, crafts and problem solving all echoing the story themes. ‘This, along with repeated retellings of the story, allows the child to take ownership of the story so they become the storyteller, and the adult becomes the listener,’ explains Julie Read.

Bishop Sutton Pre-School managers, Lin Oakley and Julie Read, are Active Story Making Trainers for B&NES, and this creative approach to early learning is one of the many reasons Bishop Sutton Pre-School and Forest Club has achieved a double Outstanding Rating by Ofsted. Come and meet them and their team at our Open Day on 11 March 2017, 10am -12pm at The School Room, Bishop Sutton, BS39 5UU.

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