28 February : The Big Chill!


School’s Out! Sorry for the late notice but a Red Warning has just been issue for the area so there is NO FOREST SCHOOL today as Bishop Sutton Primary School has been closed. Enjoy and stay warm and safe everyone!

Wow! What a chilly snap we are having!

Just a few notes regarding the weather forecast over the next couple of days.

At Bishop Sutton Pre-School we play outside every day. We encourage the children to explore the outside environment and this includes whatever the weather brings. Over the last few days the children have been exploring ice and frozen water, rescuing trapped toy animals from their impending doom! Watching or making the ice melt and testing the temperature of the icy water.

With snow forecast (fingers crossed!) We are certainly planning to enjoy it, so please make sure you wrap up warmly. Hats, gloves and a warm coat are essential. In the event of heavy snowfall/impassable roads resulting in Pre-School closure, we will endeavour to contact you before you set out. A general rule of thumb, if Bishop Sutton Primary School is closed, then we will be too.

At Forest Club, the entire session is held outdoors. Here are a few things to remember

  • Tights/leggings/long johns/thermals or pyjama bottoms underneath trousers and 2 pairs of socks.
  • Several layers on top plus a warm coat
  • Hat, gloves, wellies or snow boots.

We supply our Forest Club outfits as an extra but please note, they only add a thin waterproof layer.

Thanks everyone! Let’s do this!

“Give me a spark of Nature’s fire, that’s all the learning I desire” Robert Burns

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