14 July : Early Years Funding Entitlements are Changing

From September 2017, we at Bishop Sutton Pre-School & Forest Club will be continuing to offer the Universal 15 hour Early Years Entitlement. We will not be offering the Extended Entitlement of 30 hours per week. We will continue to charge for any hours taken with us over the 15 hours per week entitlement, alongside additional services such as snacks, Green Space Fees (Forest Club) etc. Details of additional services/charges can be found in our current Prospectus 2017/2018.

You may however be eligible for the 30 hours Entitlement which you can use over 3 providers. Only you can check this information with HMRC but do it soon if you want it in place for the new school year starting in September, or your claim may be delayed until January 2018.  Click through here if you want to find out more about this and take an application forward.




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